It's A New Year!
Sunday Funday!

Hey guys! I know its been almost a week since my last post, but i wanted to let you guys know in doing good!! I worked out 5 of the 7 days this week! Would of been more but it was a pretty crazy week to say the least! I’m pretty pumped for this week though! I’ve got routines down now, and have been making smarter eating choices, and the past two day i have worked any craving i’ve had into my calories (the best i could). I have been staying away from the scale because im worried it might discourage me, but my family has started to make comments that they can see the difference! I want to concentrate on my running this week. I want to hit my goal of running non stop for 30 mins i just hope my knee will hold up!

I also just want to say a big thank you to my family, and friends! You guys are the world to me and i couldn’t do this without you! I really have some of the best friends/family in the world , and i am so happy each one of you were brought into my life! <3

3 weeks without a soda!

My sisters sent me this quote! Too cute!

"Sweat is fat crying!"

It’s Sunday!!!

Sorry i have been MIA!!! Don’t worry though I have been doing good!! I’ve worked out every day this week! Tues, and Thursday i worked out before and after work! I feel great! I didn’t weigh myself in today so i will tomorrow! I wasn’t at home today to do it…. I spent Saturday and Sunday in Raleigh with some friends!! I had a fabulous weekend, and i look forward to a fun filled week of working out!!

Food! I’ve been keeping my calories at a good amount.

I haven’t had a soda in 2 weeks!!  Yay!!

Thanks for all my supporters! Couldn’t do it without you!

I&#8217;ve been having a lot of these lately!

I’ve been having a lot of these lately!

Monday Jan. 9, 2012

Today i was pretty fatigued all day… Hopefully it was just because the day was gloomy!! All and all it was still a great day! Started the day off with great friends, and ended it with great family!

Food: Breakfast- Fiber one 90 cal bar.

I had a protein shake after the gym, and on my way to work I had coffee.

Lunch- I had a grill chicken sandwich, and yogurt.

Snack- 10 cheese its, a 100 cal. short bread cookie pack.

Dinner- I had a grilled chicken ceasar salad.

Water all day!

Workout: I did a triathlon hour class- 20 mins cycle, 20 mins treadmill run, 20 mins endorow

9 days without Soda!

Sunday January, 8th 2012!

So… i missed a day of blogging! I planned on doing it when i got home last night, but it was late when i got in and my bed was calling my name! haha, So yesterday was fun! Had an amazing workout! I did 5-  30min classes, and then walked 2 miles with Karen and Michelle! Worked out from 8am- 11:30! The classes were amazing, and i felt great afterwords! later that night i went with my sister and friends to Buffalo Wild Wings which is in the town about 30 mins away. (Wilson) I planned my meal out before i got there, and had enough calories set aside! What i didn’t plan for was the dip and dots afterwards! haha, So i cheated a little but its not often that we are around a dip and dots store. Oh, and i got the small size! Today which is Sunday i had a pretty laid back day! Hung out with mom, and just got things ready for my busy week!

So weighed in this morning and I’m at 192.7 so I’m down 3.1Lbs

Food: Breakfast/ early Lunch: Special K Cereal with Milk, and Coffee

Dinner: Grilled Chicken, Steamed Broccoli, and mac and cheese my sister made!

lots of water!

Exercise: I went on a 1.5 mile run/walk with the dogs tonight!

Days without Soda: 8!

Friday January 6, 2012!

So im on a break from playing just dance 2 by myself! haha! I though i should do this now before i forgot! Today was nice, Its Friday!!! I decided to stay in tonight and go to bed early so i can get up and go workout tomorrow morning at 8!

Food today: Breakfast: i had pineapple and coffee.

Lunch: I had a spinach wrap with a V8 Juice

Dinner: I had left over roasted potatoes carrots and onions, and had left over grilled chicken that i put on flat bread and put some lettuce on and ketchup! Yum!

Water all day!

Workout: I went to the gym this morning and took a 1 hour endo row class with Karen! it was awesome! resting  up my sore muscles for tomorrows workout!

Days without Soda: 6!

Thursday Jan. 5, 2012

Today’s my Dads Birthday!! Happy Birthday Kev, 52 today! So today was good! I didn’t get to go to the gym this morning because i got called into work early. The lady i work with had to go to the doctors. So i was happy i could help! So all and all i had a fabulous day! I did go to the gym after work!

Food: Breakfast i had a banana and coffee.

Lunch: yogurt, a flat bread turkey sandwich with cheese, and a few cheese its.

Dinner: I might of gone a little crazy… It was dads birthday dinner, and we had Steak, grilled potatoes, carrots, and onions. mac and cheese, and bread! it was pretty amazing!!

I had water to drink all day.

Workout: Today i didn’t do as much as i would of liked. I ran a mile, and did a few leg machines. Work out for an hour… had to get home for dads b day dinner.

Days without Soda: 5!!

I love you and think you are amazing! Margo

My answer is! I love you more!!!